floral preservation

Thank you for entrusting your special memories with me! It means so much to me and I will handle them with the utmost care. Here is what you can expect.

the process

Once I receive your flowers they will immediately go into silica gel. They will need 4-6 weeks to completely dry in silica gel. Resin cannot handle any moisture. This is a crucial step that cannot be rushed! Once your flowers are completely dry, they will be removed and designed for their molds. I will email you with a mock up of what those will look like for approval. **Please note, these are for the larger molds only. Small add-ons will not get a mock-up. I will wait for your approval. Then resin will start to be poured. This will take 2-3 weeks depending on the items chosen. Resin must be poured slowly in layers so as to not burn the flowers or ruin the molds. Some molds I only have 1 of, so if you order multiple of these items, the time may be longer. Your items will need a week to cure once out of the mold. Once they are cured completely, they will receive their finishing touches and topcoating if necessary. The topcoat will need another 3-4 days to cure. Total time could be 12-16 weeks. I take a ton of care with your precious flowers. I do not take lightly what you have entrusted to me. This takes TIME. Please do not leave your flowers with me if you need this done quickly. I do not want to ruin your treasure by moving too quickly. In light of this, times can change based on unforeseen circumstances. I will do everything I can to get your flowers to you as soon as possible without neglecting quality.

what else to expect

Change in color: Almost all flowers will dry darker than when they were fresh. White flowers are especially susceptible to this along with red flowers. White flowers can also have translucent spots on them. This is completely normal. These are the “bruises” your flowers received while being used. They tell the story of your special day. Bubbles: I work tirelessly to avoid bubbles, but your pieces will be handmade, so bubbles and/or rogue pieces of silica gel or dust can be expected. Nothing handmade will be perfect, but I will pour the utmost care and love into each piece.

current offerings

These often change as I acquire more molds. Please contact me with specific requests.

How to reserve your spot for preservation

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